Ads & Posts
My work: strategy, design and copy.
In some cases also management. 
Buddy: Design
Telinet: Strategy, idea, design, copy, management. 
Feeder Podcast: Strategy, design, copy. 
Ahkka outdoor: copy, strategy, management. 
Video: Podcast Promotion
My work: idea, copy, animation direction. 
Format: Facebook 
Assets: Stock footage & photos
Client: Livsmedelföretagen
Year: 2017
Video: Chantarelle
Replacing static product photos with seasonal themed videos for Facebook linkAds. 
SWEDISH CAPTION: "Få skogens guld att hålla längre, upp till 17 dagar längre faktiskt."

My work: strategy/idea, art & animation
Format: Facebook 
Assets: Stock photos + product photos
Client: Bosch
Year: 2017
Video: Dog food
My work: idea, copy, design, animation 
Format: Facebook & Instagram 
Assets: Stock footage & brand graphics
Tool: After Effects
Client: Buddy Pet Foods
Year: 2019
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